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Although many people believe that all elves are male, that is most definitely not true. Just like humans, there are as many female elves as there are men. And while most male elves look like older little men, most female elves are young and very pretty.

While elves can be as small as a biscuit, they can be as heavy as a big cow. That’s why it’s so easy to see their footprints!
By the time male elves are twenty-five years old, they look like little old humans. They stay looking like that for their whole lives. They can live for 200 years!
They don’t ever sleep, instead they take a break in the middle of the day when they fall into a four hour trance. This trance recharges their energy and lets them work and play all through the night!
If you put an elf door into your house or garden, you must remember that elves want to be your friend but you must be kind and friendly to them or they can become quite mischievous. They love cookies and carrots as the occasional treat.

Where to put the Elf door

Elves live anywhere they can find a magic elf door. Humans usually leave doors for them in the garden, close to the house. They love to make homes in tree trunks, fences, walls or rocks. Like fairies and leprechauns, sometimes they like to live inside the house too, on skirting boards or walls. They are helpful with keeping mice out of the house!



Fairies are very small and usually have pointed ears and eyes. They are pleasant and playful little creatures. All day, every day they play and dance and have fun in any way they can.
They take great joy from deliberately misleading humans. They might take the clothes from the washing line and scatter them all over your garden, or hide your car keys in the sand pit. It is a good idea to leave a bowl of milk with some bread from time to time to avoid such trickery from the fairies.

Where to put the Fairy Door

Fairies are believed to enjoy living around rock structures like stone circles, ringforts and dolmens. The door can be put anywhere in the garden, even on the patio but they especially love flower beds and it is a nice idea to build something from small rocks beside the door. The fairies really love a stone circle surrounding their little garden.



You might be surprised to hear that a leprechaun is a type of fairy. It is always a man, usually a little old man, dressed in Irish emerald green, who partakes in all sorts of mischief.
They are solitary creatures who spend their time smoking a pipe, while making and mending shoes for the elves, fairies and goblins. Shoe-making is a lucrative business in the fairy world and each leprechaun is said to have his own pot of gold which they keep hidden at the end of a rainbow. If captured by a human, the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom. But they are very hard to even see, let alone catch.
Even though you may be granted three wishes if you catch a leprechaun, it is a risky game to play as leprechauns, like all creatures of the fairy world can be a bit of a nuisance if you get on the wrong side of them.
After your leprechaun has moved into his new home, if you listen very carefully, you might hear the tap-tap-tapping of his tiny cobbler hammer, driving nails into shoes. It really is a very special little sound if you hear it.
Where to put the Leprechaun door

Leprechauns prefer to be not too close to your house but not too far away either.
If you have ever seen a rainbow in or behind your garden, you should try to remember where you saw it and put the leprechaun door in that area, although that is not essential as some leprechauns prefer to keep their gold well away from their house.



It is very important to note that you should never invite any goblin into your garden unless he is a friendly one. Unlike elves and fairies who can have many living in the same home, goblins will only live in a garden if they are the only goblin in that garden.
Friendly goblins will become very good friends with any other magical creatures that you may have living in your garden. Unfriendly goblins are VERY unfriendly and by having a friendly goblin you can be sure that you will never have to deal with an unfriendly goblin.
These magical Goblin doors are especially designed only for friendly ones and grumpy goblins will definitely not move in.
Goblins come in various shapes and sizes but they all have shaggy hair and scruffy clothes. They are usually small, only a few inches tall but sometimes three feet tall. You will only get a very small one who can fit through your door.
They love gold and treasures and are often caught by the leprechauns trying to steal from them.

Where to put the Goblin door

Goblins only like to live outside, they like their homes to be at the end of the garden away from the noise of elves, pixies and leprechauns. They love to play but they also love peace and quiet. They enjoy the smell of a compost heap so if you have one in your garden it might be a good idea to place the door close to it.


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